As was mentioned earlier, cadets are placed in a division. A division is basically a group of cadets, of different ranks,
assembled as a single unit for various reasons such as Colours, Sunset, inspections, etc.

A division has a cadet who is in charge of that particular division. This cadet is called a 'Divisional Petty Officer'
or a 'D.P.O'. You must listen to your D.P.O. and follow their commands as you would if they were given by an officer.

The division also has an officer who is in charge of it. This officer is called a 'Divisional Officer' or 'D.O'.
The D.P.O. reports to the D.O.

Cadets who have a request for things, such as information, uniform pieces, etc, must go to their D.P.O. first.

A cadet who has a concern or a problem should first go to their D.P.O. However, if the cadet is not comfortable with
going to the DPO, then he/she can go immediately to their D.O.

When standing in your division, you must;

  • be quiet
  • refrain from moving about or fidgeting.
  • listen to and follow the commands given by your DPO, DO or the Officer In Charge.
  • When standing at attention, at ease or standing easy, you must do
    so properly. No slouching or unnecessary movements.
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