Salutations is basically how we greet and/or address each other. In the Navy League, how and when we do this is dependant on who we are addressing and what the situation is.

Study the following and move on to the next page once you are comfortable with when and how to greet/address an officer or official.

When to salute an Officer

  • When an officer is walking past you and is in close proximity to you.
  • When an officer has walked up to you or the group you are in.
  • When you are reporting to an officer.
  • When an officer addresses you.

When not to salute an Officer

  • If you are out of uniform.
  • If you are in uniform but not wearing a cap.
  • If the officer is out of uniform.
  • If the officer is in uniform but not wearing a cap.
  • If your hands are full.
Cadet Ranks

In these instances, where the situation would warrant you saluting, you must come to attention until the officer has passed
or has told you to Carry On.

When addressing an Officer, Branch Member, Navy League Official or any other official, you will address them as "Sir" or "Ma’am",
depending on their gender. NEVER address a cadet as Sir or Ma’am.

When addressing the Coxsain, he/she is to be called "Coxswain". A Chief Petty Officer 1st Class is to be called "Chief"
and a Petty Officer is to be called "P.O". All other cadets are to be called by their names.

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