Ships Routine

It is important for you to become familiar, as quickly as possible, with the ship's routine on a regular training night.
The following list will help you with this. Keep in mind that things may change, and that you will be told of any changes
to the regular routine, either verbally, in writing or both.

Training Night Routine

  • 1830 - Ship opens and the deck is set up.
  • 1845 - Division(s) fall in for Colours.
  • 1850 - Officers fall in for Colours.
  • 1855 - XO falls in for Colours.
  • 1858 - CO falls in for Colours
  • 1900 - Colours.
  • 1905 - Colours complete. Announcements are made.
  • 1910 - Cadets fall out and attend 1st period classes.
  • 2000 - Canteen.
  • 2010 - Canteen complete. Cadets attend 2nd period classes.
  • 2045 - Divisions fall in for Sunset.
  • 2050 - Officers fall in for Sunset.
  • 2055 - XO falls in for Sunset.
  • 2058 - CO falls in for Sunset.
  • 2100 - Sunset.
  • 2105 - Sunset Complete. Announcements are made.
  • 2110 - Ship`s company is dismissed. Duty Watch commences clean up.
  • 2115 - Clean up complete. Duty Watch is dismissed.
  • 2120 - Ship is closed and secured.
ships wheel

After Colours and Canteen, an announcement will be made advising all ranks where they are to go for their lessons.
Listen carefully for where the New Entries are to go and make your way there quickly and quietly, without running.
A training schedule will also be posted at the corps and on this web site. This schedule will advise you what you will
be taught, where you will taught it and who the instructor is, for a given date.

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