Uniform Parts & Maintainence

When in uniform you are clearly representing your Corps and the Navy League of Canada. Therefore, it is necessary that your uniform and behavior be beyond reproach. We will touch on behavioral expectations a little later on, for now, we will focus on the parts of your uniform and how to maintain them.

Your cap should be cleaned with a soft brush, warm or hot water, and detergent such as Ajax, Comet or dish soap. Liquid shoe polish should not be used as it runs when it rains. After your cap is clean it should be placed in a bag and stored where it won't get crushed. The top of a closet is a good place.

Note: Your shirt and trousers should be washed in warm or cold water and can be washed with all dark clothes when laundry is done. They can be machine dried and then both need to be pressed.

Turn inside out and press with a damp lint-free cloth over the seams. DO NOT put a crease down the front of your trousers. In most cases each side must be done separately, as the seams at the sides do not usually line up. When finished leave them inside out and place on a pant hanger or a hanger that will not leave a crease through the middle.

If you iron your shirt on a high temperature inside out (all except the sleeves) it will come out nicely. For the sleeves, place them on the ironing board with the seam to one side. Iron each sleeve flat and ensure that there are no creases. The sleeve will have to be rolled on the board in order to ensure that the entire sleeve has been pressed. Make sure no threads (Irish pennants) are sticking out. If so, clip them off with a pair of scissors. Press your collar, epaulets, and cuffs.

Web Belt
Remove the buckles and wash in hot soapy water. If the belt is extremely dirty, (it shouldn't be if it is being cleaned regularly) you may wash it using bleach. Ask an adult to help you.

Made of cotton, it is machine washable DO NOT DRY IT IN A DRYER. To dry, place some tape on a nail somewhere so rust will not get on the lanyard and then tie a shoe to the other end for weight. If it is done this way it will look new for years. It is worn around your neck, through the epaulets with the knot at the second button, looped at the fourth button and the remainder tucked neatly in the left breast pocket.

Place a LIGHT coat of black shoe polish (Kiwi works best) on the boots let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes, then using cold-water rub in small circles until a shine can be seen. When finished the boots can be buffed with an old nylon. Do not use a shoe brush, it works fine for normal shoes, however, it is next to impossible to get a high gloss shine using a brush. Your boots should be polished after every time you wear them. When finished put them in a place where they will not get scuffed.

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