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Navy League Thunder Bay Branch

The Navy League Thunder Bay Branch is the governing body of the Navy League Cadets program here in Thunder Bay.
We provide administrative services and funding for the program.

Our Members

All parents of navy league cadets are memebers of the branch and have the right to attend meetings and vote on the issues discussed.
If you have any idea or requests for things that you would like to see in the program we would be pleased to hear from you.

Executive Members

President - Wayne Davis
Vice President - Werner Bogenberger
Treasurer - Brigitta Bogensberger
Secretary - Nicole Bogenberger
Corps Chair NLCC #28 Thunder - Gregory Putney
Corps Chair RCSCC #42 Vindictive - Jennifer Godden

Our branch meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month.

Our Volunteers

All of our members are volunteers who graciously donate their time to the program in support of the kids.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off to any of the executive members,
or to one of the officers on Wednesday evenings. To help the cadets raise money, the branch participates in bingos at the
Thunder Bay Community Bingo. These are late evening bingos. Anyone who would like to volunteer is asked to contact Nicole.