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Our Location

NLCC Thunder meets at the HMCS Griffon, on Wednesday Evening. Cadets are expected to arrive no
earlier than 1830 (6:30pm), but no later than 1845 (6:45pm). Cadets will depart around 2100 (9:00pm).
The corps is located at 125 Algoma Street, Thunder Bay.

Our Program

Navy League Cadets is open to boys and girls aged 9-12.
The Navy League Cadet Program is committed to developing Canada's youth through moral guidance and encouragement,
as well as mental and physical training designed to develop patriotism, good citizenship, a sense of duty, self-discipline,
self-respect and respect for others, in a modern nautical environment built on sound naval traditions.

It costs only $20 to join Navy League with a small $10 membership fee to our branch. The uniform is free.
Your child will be expected to participate in fundraising activities, which typically included a Christmas
Tea, Easter Tea, and Possibly Tag Days. Fundraising helps your child develop responsibility, community spirit,
and work ethic and ensures that every child can participate.

Download your Navy Cadet Application Form , fill it out and bring it with you on a Wednesday evening,
we would love to meet you. You also need to bring your Birth Certificate and Health card with you.

Our Volunteers

Navy League Cadets are trained and supervised by skilled and motivated volunteers. Navy League Officers and Instructors come
from many different backgrounds and professions however they all have one thing in common; an interest in developing our
youth. In addition, each volunteer has a unique background and skills.

If you would like to join us and volunteer to become a civilian instructor or an officer, download your Volunteer Application Form
and drop it off to us on a Wednesday evening. You will also need two pieces of photo ID and a small passport size photograph.

All officers and instructors receive training from The Navy League of Canada. This training provides all instructors with the
skills required to work with the youth of today. All volunteers are carefully screened by The Navy League of Canada, including
personal background checks with local law enforcement agencies.

Learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting the other pages of our website. If you would like to join our corps,
please complete an application form, print it out and then bring it down to us. We look forward to meeting you.