The officers and cadets of NLCC Thunder are delighted that you are considering joining our group (corps).
We all look forward to working with you as you make your way through the ranks.

As this is your first time in the cadet movement, things will no doubt seem strange to you. Don't worry, we have
been doing this a long time and we will do whatever is neccessary for you to feel at home with us.

The first thing to remember is that everyone of us, cadets and officers alike, had a first day and had the same feelings
that you are experiencing now. It's perfectly normal to feel awkward, shy and unsure at first. We all expect that and will
help you through this stage. All you need to do is listen carefully to whoever is instructing you, and ask questions if you
are unsure of anything. In no time at all you will feel like a member of the crew.


What to Expect

After meeting some, or all, of the officers you will be assigned to a division. A division is basically a
group of cadets who fall under the care of a Divisional Petty Officer and a Divisional Officer, (you'll learn
more about their duties and how they relate to you, as your training progresses). Each division has its own name
and a specific area of the deck assigned to them to assemble in. Make sure you remember where this is, and most
importantly, the name of your division. It is not unusual for a new cadet to forget where they should be, so
knowing the name of your division will help greatly when asking someone for assistance.

At the beginning of the night, after our starting ceremony (Colours) has taken place, announcements are made telling each group of
cadets where they are to go for training. Listen for where you are told to go. Once the announcements are over
and all the cadets depart for training and you will join all the other New Entries at the their training location.
If you have questions, the officers are there to help.

Halfway through the night you will be given a break. This is called Stand Easy. You will be able to purchase something
to eat and drink at this time, up to a total of $1.00. You can either bring the money with you each night, or you
can deposit $5 or $10 into your personal stand easy account, and have the officers keep track of your spending. You can
top-up your account at any time. Once stand easy is over, you will again be told where you are to report to for training.

At various times throughout the evening you may hear someone blowing a whistle. This whistle is called a "Boatswains Pipe",
pronounced bosun) and the different noises it makes are called 'Calls'. There are several calls, and each one means something
different. The two calls you will hear most often will be The Still and the Carry On. The Still, tells you to stop what you
are doing immediately, stand or sit at attention, remain silent and listen to the instructions that will follow. Once the
instructions have been given, the Carry On will sound to tell you to resume whatever you were doing.

So that's what to expect in a brief little introduction. Although there is a lot more going on and a lot more to learn,
this should get you through your first couple of nights. Don't forget, if you are unsure of anything, JUST ASK.